Are we giving into Foreign Conspirators?

(03.07.2014 – Email)

According to a shocking news item appeared in the front page of The Island dated 27th June 2014, under the heading ‘Ahead of Presidential polls: Government troubled by US-funded project’, US was planning to fund those who have been opposed to SLFP-led coalition, through local NGOs to implement a project called ‘Election Support through Voter Education’ programme, in accordance with an overall plan to undermine the government.

Manipulation of public opinion by making use of the media and the lobbyist NGOs, who were none other than paid agents of the spy agencies, is the usual method adopted by these superpowers to create disharmony and distrust, ill-will among communities and thereby loss of faith on the country’s rulers, leading to ‘regime change’.

Foreign interference and conspiracies are not new to us. It has been there throughout the history.

The foreigners exploited the eager to power of our leaders and resulted disunity among the population to achieve their ulterior motives. Portuguese skilfully exploited the rift between the kings Bhuvanekabahu, the ruler of Kotte, against his own brother, Mayadunne. As a result, both the King Bhuwanekabahu and his son Dharmapala became puppets of Portuguese. The Foreign power, not only made his son a puppet, but converted him to Roman Catholicism.

The fate of the Kandyan kingdom was another case of point. The rift between the King Sri Vikrama Rajasingha and his chiefs were exploited by British imperialists to capture the entire country. In a proclamation dated 10th January 1815, The British Governor Robert Brownrigg announced that the war was being undertaken ‘on behalf of the oppressed Kandyan people who were to be protected from the depredations of their ruler’. Thus it is the same tactics that these westerners are making throughout the world, even today, under the guise of ’human rights’ to keep the world under their control.

The exploitation of weaknesses of personalities, such as a burning desire for revenge or voracious hunger for power, is the strategy adopted by spy agencies throughout the world including those who are interested in destabilizing Sri Lanka. Although their strategies may be different, the ultimate goal of the spy network of the west and that of the region are the same – creating widespread unrest to ensure that we remain a poor nation forever, thus paving the way to interfere in the internal affairs of our country in the guise of helping and providing so-called ‘solutions’ for our problems. Unfortunately, their task of exploitation appears to be somewhat easier due the local support extended by some of the most undisciplined treacherous politicians who run to them seeking intervention for almost every domestic political issue without exceptions.

It is now a well-known fact that the West, especially the British who were the ‘creator’ of the so-called Tamil issue due to their divide and rule policy favouring one over the other, were totally unhappy over the elimination of terrorism of the LTTE from our soil and is determined to have a ‘regime change’ by hook or crook and to install a puppet regime as they do in the rest of the world.

The latest strategies appear to be of two folds.

One strategy they are using is the so-called ‘Panel’ appointed as a result of the US-UK backed resolution at the UNHRC session in Geneva in March, based on Navi Pillay’s recommendation for an external probe into so-called serious violations and abuses of human rights during the last phase of the war against terrorism in Sri Lanka. As usual, the West led by US and UK are claiming that the ‘whole purpose of the process is to promote the accountability and the reconciliation’ in Sri Lanka.

According to media reports (Divaina dated 29th June 2014), various parties and individuals who were either ardent supporters or sympathizers of the LTTE residing in and outside the country including NGOs and INGOs are expected to participate and provide evidence in support of the accusations against the Government of Sri Lanka during the coming months. The panel is reported to be visiting eight cities including Geneva to gather evidences. As per these reports, 31 personalities including two former officers of the security forces are being made available to provide such evidences. It was reported that the government is considering taking legal proceedings against those who appear before the panel under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and the Official Secrets Act. When we consider the treacherous acts of various people throughout the history and even during the most recent war against terrorism, the above media reports are not surprising at all.

Although the government has already expressed its complete disapproval against the investigation into allegations, it is not yet known whether the government will allow the Panel to visit Sri Lanka.

As usual, the western diplomatic missions in Colombo will try their best, through its stooges within or outside the government, to pave the way for the Panel to visit the country. The missions will play a enormous role in promoting the submissions to the Panel in either way, supporting or against the allegations, in order to show a level of impartiality to the world while knowing very well that their pre-determined conclusions are unaffected by such moves. Under such a situation, despite the fact that the lawmakers have passed a motion against the investigation into allegations, there is a possibility that some individuals and groups may appear before the Panel or make submissions against the allegations, misbelieving that the Panel could be educated with the other side of the story, expecting some relief. Hence the government should give a clear direction to his law-abiding citizens with regard such actions, as a matter of priority, to avoid irreversible repercussions.

Just over five years ago, we were able to show the entire world, how powerful our unity and strength was. Firstly, the decision to end terrorism was taken firmly by the peace loving, right minded patriotic people of this land at the presidential election held in 2005 by defeating the ‘puppet of the west’ and electing the right leadership to achieve the target. Secondly, the President elected made the right decision by appointing the right people to the right places prior to the operations against terrorism. Thirdly, the President and his team commenced the operations at the right time while achieving political stability and removing obstacles to such operations at national and international levels.

The country and its people made the right decision again in the year 2010 by not falling into the trap set by the very same conspirators, setting one war hero against the other.

The second strategy of these conspirators is to create distrust among the majority Sinhala voters who were instrumental in defeating the evil conspirators in the past, by creating chaos within the country by making use of the world’s well known extremists groups, prior to the next Presidential election and to ensure their long awaited dream come true by installing the ‘puppet of the west’ which they failed to do in the year 2005.

What is happening today reminds us what we learnt when we were 2nd or 3rd year students – the story of a bird hunter (watu vadda) who managed to exploit conflicts among the birds. As long as the birds were together and united, the hunter could not catch a single bird, because the birds had the strength to flyaway with the net laid by the hunter. But the hunter easily caught all the birds at once, when the birds were quarrelling over petty things.

The coming months will be very crucial as the enemies of our nation and their paid agents will work overtime and will spend millions of dollars to set one against the other and to trap all at any cost. Unless we are fully aware of what is going on and act wisely to defeat the sinister motives of those enemies, the much awaited peace, stability and progress of our country will be at stake.

S. Akurugoda

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