Investigate and Regulate Foreign Funded NGOs

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According to a news item appeared in Daily Mirror dated 9th July 2014, under the subject ‘NGO’s to defy Defence Ministry ban’ J. C. Weliamuna of the Lawyers Collective said the government is misguided in its thinking that NGOs and civil society organisations are enemies and is working for international community.

Another so-called human rights activist, Nimalka Fernando, while exposing how she is going to defy the Defence Ministry’s directive, has said she has the  democratic right to criticize the unconstitutional manner in which the country is being governed, where the president makes the decisions without so much as consulting the cabinet. The parliament is reduced to a mere rubber stamp.

There should not be any question as to the right of the people to criticize the government, yet, let us go through some of the statements of these NGO kingpins made in the past for various issues to see the extent of damage caused to the country, as a whole, and to find out to whom they are serving. The evidence of such statements is easy to find, one has only to read the anti-national statements made by these organisations.

On 23rd March 2006, while referring to explosions, killings, arbitrary arrests and disappearances in the country,  Nimalka Fernando misled the whole world via BBC saying that the president Mahinda Rajapaksa seems unable to cope with the intricacies of the peace process. He is suspicious of the Norwegian negotiators and he has let himself be manoeuvred by extremist Sinhala groups. ( ).

Since the elimination of her much sympathized LTTE, we haven’t heard of any such activities in the country and the entire world is aware of the peace we are entertaining, although these bogus activists are blind and deaf to sense it, even up to now.

While supporting the accusation levelled against the government In November 2006, referring to the killing of a pro-Tamil Tiger politician Nadarajah Raviraj, Nimalka Fernando has said “These killers and the mighty terror of the state are making this a killing field. We cannot allow this country to be ruled in this manner and it is the culture of impunity that must stop.”
( )

Has she ever blamed the LTTE for the killings of country’s president, ministers, politicians, innocent civilians of all communities (Sinhala, Tamil Muslim etc) and other atrocities committed against humanity in the same fashion?

The extent of damaged she has done to the image of the Sinhala community and the country , as a whole, while defending LTTE is evident from her interview given to IPS on the 22 March 2006.
( )

She also told BBC, hiding the truth about India’s involvement in training terrorists, that the story about the LTTE training camps held in India is a view that was propagated by Sinhala Extremists in Sri Lanka.
( )

These foreign funded organisations have conducted seminars, lectures, workshops under the pretext of ‘Peace’ throughout LTTE terror period and even make use of those activities even to frighten the citizens by suggesting the possibilities of R2P (Responsibility to Protect) situation, misinterpreting what was going on in the country at that time. ‘Responsibility Protect’ By Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu of Centre for Policy Alternative (CPA) is a case in point.
( )

Jehan Perera of NPC addressing a meeting organised by NESoHR (founded by LTTE proxy TNA), on December 10, 2005. Note the Eelam map behind him

The agents of the foreign funded organisations have had the habit of criticizing the Sinhala groups as ‘extremists’ while whitewashing the terror activities of the LTTE as seen from the statements below. As part of its anti-national/anti-faith agendas they attacked Buddhist monks who were against terrorism and branding people with opposing views as Sinhala Extremists. It seems, they continue to do it even now, at a much higher scale.

While praising the proposal of the Interim Self-Governing Authority proposed by the LTTE, Johan Perera of National Peace Council (NPC) criticised the Sri Lankan Government and misled the world that it is the Sinhalese who cause trouble and generate violence. This is what he said via BBC.

“The government has been inappropriately cautious because of its desire to please the nationalist Sinhalese who are a relatively small minority but who can cause trouble and generate violence. The Tigers are asking for an “interim self-governing authority” for the north-east of Sri Lanka with powers over land, law and order and finances. A majority of the members of this body would be appointed by the Tigers, although it would have representatives from the Sinhala and Muslim communities and be subject to elections after five years. It’s a refined proposal and it shows an awareness of issues involved with good governance, even though full implementation still has to be watched.”
( )

Again justifying the Tiger activities, Jehan Perera of NPC made another statement to the BBC blaming the Sri Lankan Government.

“The Tigers say the only way to tackle this is by fighting for an independent homeland.

Their tactics are ruthless, and opposition is not an option. They have been accused of killing political rivals in addition to dissenters from inside or outside the ranks. All have been swiftly dealt with. The problem for the government is that it has failed to persuade Tamils there is a viable alternative within the government structures. So far the Sri Lankan state has not been able to convince the Tamil people that their grievances for equality, for power sharing, for a form of federal autonomy, would indeed be delivered to them. Until that point, I don’t think the Tigers will change.”
( )
Jehan Perera of NPC in June 2006 justified the LTTE’s war option as follows. [Spiegel Online, June 20, 2006]

“Observers say the growing marginalization of the rebel group encourages the escalation of violence. On May 29, the European Union added the LTTE to their list of terror organizations and froze Tamil Tiger accounts. Jehan Perera, Director of Colombo’s National Peace Council said, ‘If the rebels continue to be isolated economically and politically, they will only have one option left in the end: war.’”
( )

While applauding the Prabhakaran-Ranil so-called Pact, this is what the NGO kingpin had stated in October 2002 regarding the presence of Sri Lankan judiciary, police and military in the north and east.

“Continuing with the present ceasefire for a further period, without consolidating it into a final settlement at this time, has its advantages. It permits the sharing of power between the government and LTTE in the north and east in the interim period.”

“At present, the Sri Lankan military is present in the main population centres of the north and east. The Sri Lankan judiciary and police are functional there.  They are a countervailing power to the LTTE. It is unlikely that a final solution negotiated at this time could provide for these levers of state power to continue functioning as they are.”

“The fact is that the present balance of military forces in the north and east makes only one final, and yet peaceful, solution negotiable at this time — that is to give the LTTE control over the region”.
( )

In an Interview with Business Line Jehan Perera of NPC in May 2002, advocated the acceptance of two armies with two commands as follows.

“THE ongoing peace process in Sri Lanka has raised hopes for a lasting solution, but before a final solution emerges, the people would have to accept, at least for some time, ‘two armies, with two commands”
( )

Fortunately, the NPC kingpin’s ‘invincible’ LTTE military wing is no more for him to justify suicide bombing. People in Sri Lanka are moving around freely with confidence.

Although there are hundreds of statements made by these agents are available in records, the writer thought of including only few of those to see the extent of misinformation made by these agents in the past to tarnish the image of the majority community and the Country.

The NPC, CPA, Transparency International Sri Lanka and their ilk should actually be categorised as lobbyist NGOs, depending entirely on foreign governments and agencies they carry on the White Man’s Burden and have a function similar to Christian missionaries during the high colonial era.

The foreign funded lobbyist NGOs attempted to cover-up the LTTE terror campaign including the dastardly attacks on Katunayake Airport and the attack on Pakistan High Commissioner among many other grisly assaults. It denounced the Government’s effort to eradicate terrorism, placing the military capacity of the GOSL on an equal footing with the LTTE and tried to project the LTTE as invincible. We also remember how these peace vendors attempted to justify the brutal killings of innocent civilians by suicide bombers saying “Regardless of who is responsible, the suicide bombing indicates the growing absence of confidence in the integrity of the government institutions”.

Attempting to brainwash the people of a nation by pumping millions of dollars to achieve the goals of outside elements is a clear-cut interference on its sovereignty. Who will pump millions of dollars for nothing in return?  These lobbyist NGOs are to fulfil the needs of their funding agencies whose ultimate aim is none other than creating a new form of colonization around the world.

The sovereignty is defined as the supreme political power of a government to regulate its affairs within a specified territory without outside interference. Policies are thus formulated by the people of a sovereign nation via the elected government to suit the nation and its people.  Policies formulated by nongovernmental organisations should not be implemented without the approval of the elected government. Thus, logically, NGOs are bound to follow the guide lines provided by the people’s elected government.

There is not much difference between what these foreign funded lobbyist NGOs were doing in the past and what they are doing now for their own existence and to serve their foreign funding countries/agencies. These organisations should be investigated for what they have done in the past and for what they are doing now. It is evident from the above statements that these agents will continue to spread misinformation until what their funding agencies are expected to achieve.  If the existing laws are insufficient, new laws should be enacted to streamline their operations for the benefit of the country and its peace loving people.

S. Akurugoda

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