Articles by S. Akurugoda


Articles by S. Akurugoda :

Should we give into evil forces ? (02.01.2015)

Open Pacts and Secret Pacts (30.12.2014)

Parliament Jokes ! (14.12.2014)

JHU – Where will they end up? (30.11.2014)

Promoting Ranil – ‘Cutting off the nose to spite the face’ (18.10.2014)

Status of Languages and a Country’s National Identity (20.09.2014)

Political Asylum Seekers (13.09.2014)

TNA Provincial Council members appeal to UNCHR (23.08.2014)

Time to stop foreign diplomatic corps involvement in local politics (11.08.2014)

The Opposition Leader’s call for Democracy and Good Governance (21.07.2014)

Investigate and Regulate Foreign Funded NGOs (15.07.2014)

Where we will end up? (11.07.2014)

Are we giving into Foreign Conspirators? (03.07.2014)

Thirteen Amendment and so-called ‘Solutions’ (06.06.2014)

TNA’s proposal on a ‘common’ candidate (19.05.2014)

The fortune intruders and the plight of Sinhala refugees (29.04.2014)

Ranil’s call for the ‘topple’ of Government (17.03.2014)

Stop big bullies (11.03.2014)

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