Promoting Ranil – ‘Cutting off the nose to spite the face’

(18.10.2014 – Email)

‘Abolish Presidency’ cry at this time of the country is nothing but a slogan introduced as a part of a well planned tactic by those who seek a ‘regime change’ by any means.

It is not surprising that those who were on the ‘Anti- war Front’ and all those who fought against MR in both the Presidential elections (2005 & 2009) are making use of  “Abolish Presidency” slogan for their frustration. What is surprising is to hear the same slogan coming from some of those who were with the President since 2005 providing every support to win the war and voted in favour of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution. The very same rejoiced groups, in appreciation of the stand taken by the country’s Executive Presidency when eliminating the terrorism, even went to the extent to say that the country needs a dictatorship to solve crucial issues.

Within the coming months the propaganda machinery of the ‘regime change’ will make use of every possible avenues available within the electronic and printed media to their maximum benefit.  There will be uncountable associations, political parties and so-called civil and religious societies which we never heard before joining the ‘Abolishing Presidency’ campaign of the opposition. According to such a media report, already appears to have commenced, the UNP leader has promised to abolish the Executive Presidency when one leader of a so-called ‘Janasetha Peramuna’ met him recently. According to another similar report, 18 political parties are supporting Ven Maduluwe Sobitha’s ‘Abolish Presidency’ campaign.

Executive Presidency, LTTE Terror and Social Ills.

“Give up Eelam, We will give up Presidency” the news item headline appeared in the media is an eye opener to those who cry for the abolishing of Presidency quite lavishly like a ‘mantra’ for curing all the ills one could have in this country.  “Some people are asking a separate state and divide the country. Even the Tamil National Alliance is supporting that concept. Some sections of the Tamil Diaspora are also trying to divide the country. If those parties stop demanding Eealm in Sri Lanka I will consider removing the Executive Presidency,” President Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR) said addressing a public gathering in Kilinochchi few days ago. As the President pointed out few months ago, in a press briefing, abolishing the executive presidency like changing pillows for a headache will not bring solutions to the problems in the country.

Although some have forgotten the situation that prevailed in the country prior to 2009, if not the position of the Executive Presidency under MR, the country either would have been divided or would have been another blood bath by now.

When MR became the President in 2005 he did not enjoy a good majority in the Parliament. All those who were interested in keeping the country in turmoil, including the so-called foreign diplomats representing of the West worked overtime to make use of the status of the marginal majority MR had in the parliament to destabilise the country.  MR was able to take crucial decisions and to keep all the issues under control including the foreign and local pressure because of the powers he had as the country’s Executive President.

If the Executive Presidency is the cause of corruptions and other ills claimed to have existing in a country, our neighbouring countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who do not have such a system must be super heavens, free of corruption. The corruption level of those countries is sky-high and the standard of living of the majority is far below from our country. If non-Executive Presidency is the solution for the country’s prosperity, the basic question is why we kept on changing the governments at every general election since 1952 until 1977, like changing pillows for a headache.

Is Ranil an alternative to MR?

The leader of the UNP, being the common candidate of those who are after ‘regime change’, will make any promises and come into agreement with any one, as advised by his masters in the West, to give another try to grab power after making a world record of sticking into the leadership for 20 years of a political party despite continuous electoral defeats.

There were reports recently that the UNP leader had already met some leading members of the dispersed Tamils in the UK, US and Europe who had planned to create a separate state of Eelam.

The same leader once entered into a secret understanding with the murderous LTTE prior to the election in 2002, apparently for mere frustration, due to his continuous failure to grab power since 1994. Having come to power as the non-executive PM, he went into fulfil his secret understanding by signing the so-called one-sided ceasefire with the terrorist outfit thereby dragging the entire nation to the doorstep of Tigers’ den,  leaving little or no room to escape but to give-in to killer Tiger’s every demand, one by one, quite lavishly.

Ranil strengthened the hands of the terrorists by allowing to destroy the Long Ranger’s HQ in Athurugiriya, demarcating so-called LTTE controlled areas, allowing the cunning Norwegians to provide the high-tech communication equipment to the LTTE and virtually providing every facility to please the terrorist outfit during his short tenure of office and is now vowed, shamelessly, to implement the 13A in full, if he is elected President. The LTTE’s systematic wipe-out of the state security intelligence and army informants while building up their war capabilities, by leaps and bounds, was apparent under his rule and if elected, no doubt, will be the greatest ever victory for those who were dreaming for a ‘regime change’ and the establishment of Eelam. Ranil had to hide in Europe in May 2009 when the LTTE terrorists were eliminated from our soil by our security forces under the command of MR and had to find alternate routes to come home from the airport to avoid the general public, probably, feeling shame.

Is it ‘Pivituru Hetak’ or ‘Viyasana Hetak’ (Clean Tomorrow or Disastrous Tomorrow) ?

No individual or a government is expected to be perfect. There are shortcomings with the current regime and those need to be addressed by keeping the self-interests aside.

If Ven Rathna Thera of ‘Pivituru Hetak’ believes his new choice of friends like Ranil Wickramasinghe is going to save the declared objectives of his party, he is greatly mistaken. If the constitution is to be amended, abolishing 13 Amendment should be given the priority. The current regime will not give into separatists as long as patriotic forces are with the regime.  Destructive criticism and joining with well known traitors to achieve ‘Pivithuru Hetak’  (Clean Tomorrow) threatening to defeat the current regime leads us  nowhere but to ‘Viyasana Hetak’ (Disastrous  Tomorrow)

By knowingly or unknowingly, what those who are frustrated with the shortcoming of the current regime are doing resembles ‘cutting off the nose to spite the face’ ( ‘Moona Ekka Tharahata Nahaya kapaganeema’ ) an expression we used to describe a needlessly  self-destructive  over-reaction to a problem.

S. Akurugoda

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