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  1. dear sir please help me i cant share my facebook news. before i can share any document to the my face book now icant share plese help me facebook … lakith nihal demel.– email

  2. Please consider adding Three Jewels Dhamma Hall in Fort Bragg, CA, to your list of Therevadan resources. Our url is:

    Here is a brief description:
    Weekly teaching and meditation. Workshops, books, recordings, and other Therevadan Buddhist resources for the northern California coast. Mentored by Abhayagiri Monastery with monthly visits by teaching monks from Abhayagiri.

  3. 26 December 2014

    The Editor

    Readers will notice that I have made a comment on 19 September 2013 and it is still visible here.
    First of all let us focus our thoughts to the tenth anniversary of the devastating Tsunami that wrecked havoc on Sri Lanka and on many other countries in South East Asia. Let us remember the persons that lost their precious lives, separated from families, injured for a lifetime, in probably less than half an hour after the huge waves struck the shores. Let us also remember and thank those who unhesitatingly contributed in many ways to help the effected victims, these persons are the Real “United Nations ” they have never ceased in their giving.

    Now about this precious on-line news publication, sadly you are still unable to be up to date with what is going in Sri Lanka. Please try and pick yourselves up and let your followers the latest news. Thank you

  4. The President, Mr Maithripala Sirisena gave a strong ruling that his portrait should not be displayed in any Government Office or in the Public domain. He must be having a good reason for this decision.
    So In keeping with his wishes Amarasara. too should remove his photo from the publication. This photo has been displayed since the 09 January 2015 at the left hand side of the main page.

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