Commemorating ‘Terrorist day’

(01.12.2013 – Email)

It is reported that  TNA Jaffna District MP S. Sritharan, while  participating in the second reading stage debate on Budget, has praised  the dead LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran justifying violence saying that  Prabhakaran was a national hero and called upon Tamils to commemorate his death.

On a another report, the day the LTTE ‘war heroes’ day was commemorated the Chief Minister C. V. Vigneswaran and several others remembered the lost war heroes at Jaffna educational office premises with a tree planting campaign. Vigneswaran, in fact, is the first politician  to state Prabhakaran as a national hero in public after 18th May 2009, the after the eradication of terrorism.  He was reported to have made that statement during his campaign for the Northern PC.

It is also reported that  UNP National List parliamentarian R. Yogarajan too said in Parliament that the Tamil people should be permitted to commemorate the Maveerar Day.

UNP, as a political entity,  should clarify its stand on the statement of the MP seeking permission to commemorate Prabhakaran as a national hero. Considering the various statements issued and stands taken by the party under the leadership of Ranil Wickramasinghe  it is not surprising even if the party supports the claim made by Yogarajan.  Mangala Samaraweera, who led the campaign inviting  Chanel 4 and doing whatever possible the tarnish the image of the country during CHOGUM  will provide the necessary support to the leadership (or the so-called leadership committee) towards this direction.

It is a well known fact that the Prabhakaran and his terror outfit, LTTE, waged a war in order to create a separate State.   As the Higher Education Minister S. B. Dissanayake said in the Parliament, the MP Yogarajan had violated the country’s laws.

“Prabhakaran was a criminal who killed not only Sinhalese but also Tamils. Who killed the leaders of EPDP, TULF, and TELO? It was Prabahakaran! He was the one who caused irrecoverable losses to the Tamil community by killing Tamil leaders such as Lakshman Kadirgamar and Neelan Thiruchelvam. Prabahakaran also killed his own people who tried to surrender to the government. Prabahakaran had killed so many innocent civilians.”

Although the war against terrorism was won, we still have political parties, and organizations that directly or indirectly support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage and advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka. Although the above Clauses were introduced as an amendment (6th amendment) to the constitution in 1983, quite surprisingly no action has been taken, as per the constitution, against at least a single person who violates the said article of the Constitution up to now.

The personnel including parliamentarians, political parties, some media groups, NGOs and INGOS who supported the outfit for personal, monetary and political gains during the 30 years of terror, are still holding onto their positions both in and out side Sri Lanka. These groups are now doing a great service to dead terrorist leader Prabhakaran under the guise of so-called ‘violation of human rights’. There is no necessity to pinpoint each and every perpetrator on individual basis, since the general public is fully aware of those promoters.

Although the TNA was known to be the political wing of the LTTE while Prabhakaran was leading its military wing, any sign of praising the dead LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran as their national hero and justifying his terrorism in public were not seen prior to the North Provincial Council elections.  It is possible that the so-called human rights campaigners too would join the campaign to legalise a ‘Terrorist day’ interpreting the claims of MPs Sirthan  and Yogarajan as another  human right.

Thus it appears that while Sri Lanka is the only country in the world managed to win a war against terrorism while feeding the terrorists and keeping the doors open to those who provide amenities and justify terrorism within its own soil, now making another record for keeping the doors open to those who justify terrorism even after winning the war against terrorism’.

Despite the fact that the President, the government and the security forces have eradicated the LTTE militarily, there is a question whether the LTTE is a banned terrorist organisation in Sri Lanka. The LTTE was banned after the bombing of Dalada Maligawa, but the ban was lifted by the subsequent UNP government soon after the treacherous CFA was signed. Ironically, the terror group is banned in several countries in the world and we continue to plead the rest of the world to ban the outfit.

Under Article 157A, Prohibition against violation of territorial integrity of Sri Lanka, of the constitution of Sri Lanka, no person shall, directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.

Under the said Article, no political party or other association or organization shall have as one of its aims or objects the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.

The Article 157A, among many other things, has clearly laid down the steps that have to be taken against those who violate the constitution including the Members of Parliament.

The right decision at the right time without fear and prejudice will lead to right result. For example, prior to abrogation of the CFA, Sri Lanka appeared more or less as a colony of so-called Co-Chairs led by Norwegians and any attempt to abrogate the Agreement was seen by the pressure groups as a negative step towards peace and declaration of war against Tamils. The LTTE was considered by the treacherous CFA and Co-Chairs, including the US, as the sole representative of Tamils.

The President’s determination to crush the LTTE militarily in 2008-2009, no amount of terror strikes or “any other pressure” would stand in his way, resulted in a successful conclusion of the war against terrorism.

Thus, it is time to ban the LTTE , if not already done, and praising any form of terrorism and take necessary steps under the Article 157A of the Constitution with a determination to defeat the forces of separatism once and for all.

S. Akurugoda

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